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Twitter Training Guide: 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Twitter

By Michelle Hummel
Twitter Training Guide: 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Twitter
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Before businesses commit to any type of Twitter training, they generally want to know exactly why they should be using this platform. To answer that question, let’s look at ten key reasons why your business should utilize Twitter:

1) Branding

Twitter provides many ways to help build your brand. From publishing great content to responding directly to people having relevant conversations, Twitter can allow you to show people what your business is all about.

2) Connect with Customers

Because Twitter is all about two-way communication, it’s an excellent tool for connecting with customers. Whether someone wants to sing your praises or they’re unhappy because of a customer support issue, having the ability to immediately respond is very powerful.

3) Marketing

Once you get a feel for how Twitter works, you’ll be able to create a great Twitter marketing strategy. This will enable you to help get your brand in front of as many relevant Twitter users as possible.

4) Get Feedback

A simple but very effective Twitter best practice is to ask your followers for feedback. Whether it’s about something you publish or an idea you have for your business, asking for feedback is a great way to engage with people who are interested in your business. Additionally, you never know what types of truly valuable insights you may gain from these conversations!

5) Monitor And Make News

Twitter is a great tool for staying on top of what’s happening within your industry. And when something major happens with your business, you can easily share that news through Twitter as well.

6) Increase Your Content’s Exposure

Writing and publishing great content takes time. If you want to get the best return on that time, Twitter can help by putting your content in front of more people. When you publish something and it starts to spread through Twitter, you’ll get to experience just how powerful this type of viral effect can be.

7) Host Giveaways

If you want to boost customer engagement and business, giving away coupon codes or holding other promotions can work really well. This will not only get people excited, but it will also get them talking to others. Just be sure you don’t host the contest directly on Twitter or you may lose your account.

8) Keep An Eye On Competitors

One of the advanced tactics you can learn in a Twitter training course is how to use this platform to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Not only will you be able to see the types of updates they’re making, but you can even dig into analytics tools to see which of their updates are performing best.

9) Build Loyalty

There’s nothing better than customers who not only buy from you multiple times, but also help spread the word about your business. By using Twitter to build relationships, you’ll find that this type of loyalty becomes more common.

10) Generate Sales

While you don’t want every update you make to be a link to buy now, Twitter can definitely be used to generate direct sales. Once you’ve built up a following, if you have a compelling sale or another special offer, tweeting it out can bring visitors to your site who make a purchase.

If you want to learn everything you need to know to build a really strong presence on Twitter, online social media courses are the best way to learn in a relatively short amount of time

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