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We are looking for some very special social media enthusiasts…

Individuals who grow their business through networking and establishing authentic connections.

If you are a coach, consultant, advisor, agent, sales professional or entrepreneur…

Social Media Enthusiasts has a dynamic, smart new way for you to attract customers, gain influence and increase your cash flow, all while making a huge difference for business owners in your community!

You do not have to stop what you are currently doing. We are going to make what you are doing—far better and more profitable!

If you can answer yes to these four questions, you are already a perfect candidate for our Managing Director program:

  1. Do you find that networking is the best way to grow your business?
  2. Do you feel that now is a great time to charge ahead and grow your business?
  3. Do you consider yourself to be a “make it happen” person?
  4. Would you like to have more fun, more friends and a bigger personal network?


Our Managing Directors are independent contractors who are compensated for growing chapter memberships, hosting local events and helping people succeed. This is an important role in your community, and it is lucrative, fulfilling and fun!

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Upcoming Events

  1. NASHVILLE, TN Digital Summit: Nashville

    October 20 - October 21
  2. SEATTLE, WA Seattle Interactive Conference

    October 20 - October 22
  3. LONDON, UK Digital Growth Unleashed London 2020

    October 20 - October 21
  4. LONDON, UK Marketing Analytics Summit London 2020

    October 20 - October 21
  5. LONDON, UK Email Innovations Summit: London

    October 20 - October 21
  6. DUBAI, UAE DigiMarCon Middle East

    October 20 - October 21
  7. SEATTLE, WA eTourism Summit

    October 21 - October 23
  8. LONDON, UK Social Media Week: London

    October 21 - October 22
  9. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM Digital First

    October 21 - October 22
  10. DENMARK, COPENHAGEN eTail Nordic

    October 21 - October 22