How Can You Get More Followers On Your Google Plus Business Page?

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By , Published September 24, 2016
How Can You Get More Followers On Your Google Plus Business Page?

Google Plus is an interesting platform. Since its launch, the network Google created has always been more closed than most other networks. And because Google has so many huge projects going on, they don’t always put as many resources behind proactively promoting the platform as other social sites do.
This has resulted in countless press stories about the death of Google Plus. However, while the platform may not be as huge as Facebook or even some of Google’s other properties like YouTube, that doesn’t mean it’s dead.

On the contrary, the fact that Google+ hasn’t been adopted by everyone online means the users who are on Google Plus are quite passionate about. And because Google offers some interesting settings in terms of how people are able to control where their content is shared, plenty of great communities have sprung up throughout the network.

All of these factors are why it’s worth keeping your Google Plus Business page active. If you’re on board with that idea but aren’t sure with how to grow the number of followers for your page, don’t worry. Once you finish reading our Google Plus training, you’ll have helpful strategies that you can put into action right away. So with that in mind, here’s what you can do:

Comment and Share

Even though this is a basic strategy for virtually all social media platforms, it’s something that’s easy to overlook on Google Plus. But because this platform is smaller and its users are very engaged, commenting and sharing can go a very long way. As always, quality is definitely more important than quantity when it comes to using this strategy.

Use Hashtags

Wait, Google Plus supports hashtags? That’s a very common reaction we get when we share this piece of advice, and is all the more reason to use hashtags. They are far less crowded on Google+ than Twitter or Instagram, but actual users of the platform definitely know about this feature and utilize it.

Get Involved in Communities

One of the reasons that increasing the followers for your Google Plus Business page can be a challenge is you can’t necessarily send out huge broadcasts. What you can do is get involved in communities that are related to your business and use those followings to increase your own. Just be sure that you focus on adding value to communities instead of simply advertising your business!

Promote Your Google Plus Business Page

Be sure to use your website and other social media channels to promote your Google Plus Business page. Letting people know that you have a page and are active on it will ensure that those people who enjoy using Google+ will be able to follow you.

If you want a great way to monitor your progress, Send Social Media includes support for Google Plus and many other social platforms, so be sure to check our social media dashboard tool out!

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