5 Killer Secrets To Instantly Increase User Engagement On Google Plus [Infographic] by David Pierce

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By , Published October 7, 2014
5 Killer Secrets To Instantly Increase User Engagement On Google Plus [Infographic] by David Pierce

As the number of social networks to engage on increase, it becomes harder to keep track and know where to create the best online presence. However, with more than a quarter billion users, it would be a bad move to ignore Google+.

According to Business Insider, Google+ has been growing amazingly fast and now has over 359 million active users worldwide. Google has made a lot of positive changes with the Google+ social network. One thing is clear, Google+ continues to dominate the world of social networks and offers several benefits to individuals and businesses looking to promote their unique & quality content as well as rank better in organic search.

However, sharing content is not enough for an effective social media marketing strategy. Businesses need to also engage with their followers and friends. Learn more with the below Infographic, 5 Killer Secrets to Instantly Increase User Engagement on Google Plus:


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