Social Media Management Boot Camp Certification


Learn how to attract more leads with social media marketing. Get hands-on, one-on-one training to learn the secrets to your success!

Do you want to know exactly how to reach your target audience with social media? Would you like an employee to acquire the skills needed to handle social media marketing for your company? 

Then this training session is for you! Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to be a Social Media Manager for your company! This is the same training I provide to my own Social Media Managers so you get exclusive access to my secrets to success!

If you are local to the Cincinnati, OH area the training can be delivered in person. If you are not local this training will be done virtually through screen sharing software with live voice and chat. The training times will be booked to fit your unique schedule. I recommend you book your training sessions 2 hours per week, for 3 weeks to give you time for homework completion between sessions.

Social Media Certification Content Overview

101: Targeted Marketing Strategies, 9am – 10:45am
  • Learn how to find and engage with your target audience on the right Social Media networks for your business
  • Intro to the Social Media Management role and best practices
  • In-depth analysis and review of your current social media strategy
  • In-depth analysis and review of your top Competitors and a plan on how you can win in your industry
  • Break out Learning Session: Find the right social media targets for your business
  • Homework: Create Your Social Media Targeted Marketing Strategy

Lunch 11am – 12pm

102: Content Marketing Strategy, 12pm – 2:45pm
  • Learn how to build social media followers with an engaging content strategy that inspires Brand Advocates
  • Review best practices for developing an engaging content marketing strategy
  • Review tools & resources to help build your content and marketing campaigns
  • Break out Learning Session: Find the right content strategy for your business
  • Homework: Create Your Editorial Content Marketing Calendar
103: Execute Marketing Strategy, 3pm – 5pm
  • Review best practices for social media marketing
  • Implement your marketing strategy
  • Review Social Media Management Dashboard
  • Break out Learning Session: Set Up Your Social Media Management Dashboard
  • Homework: Input Your Editorial Calendar into Social Media Management Dashboard

You will receive a beautiful Social Media Management Certificate. For further credibility, you will also get a certification image badge to put on your LinkedIn profile.

Virtual Live Social Media Management Beginner
Boot Camp Certification
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