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Why Live Streaming Can Be A Great Fit For Businesses

By Michelle Hummel
Why Live Streaming Can Be A Great Fit For Businesses
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Whether it’s through Facebook or another platform, live video is something that everyone is talking about. It’s also something that lots of normal people are using for fun. Regular people going live has even lead to viral smashes like “Chewbacca Mom,” who generated over 140 million views by going live on Facebook and laughing as she tried on a Chewbacca mask.

Between Facebook live, Snapchat and now Instagram, people of all ages are getting comfortable with broadcasting themselves via video. However, one group that often shies away from this exciting technology is businesses. Since marketing is something that’s normally done with lots of planning, I completely understand why the idea of live video can be a little intimidating.

However, given everything a business can gain by embracing this rapidly growing communication channel, I encourage you to continue reading about why concerns about live video don’t need to be an obstacle.

People Don’t Expect (Or Even Want) Perfection

Whether it’s live or just standard video, the most common objection I hear from businesses is they don’t have the right equipment. In the past, this was a valid issue. But now that it’s possible to shoot great video with an iPhone and natural light, this shouldn’t hold you back. In fact, the huge influence of YouTube on online video has changed people’s expectations.

Both individual YouTubers and businesses that have created lots of video content have consistently found that ramping up their production quality too much actually decreases audience engagement. So as long as people can see and hear you, they’ll be interested in engaging through live video.

5 Live Streaming Ideas

The other objection I sometimes hear from businesses about using live video is they don’t know what they should talk about when they start streaming. While it’s definitely good to have a general plan, as explained above, you don’t need to coordinate every second of live video. Instead, simply pick a theme and then go with it.

In terms of picking a theme, an easy one is to discuss a recent product, service or something else that’s new about your business. You can begin with a general overview and then go into more detail based on what your audience asks. Another idea is to hold a Q&A. You can start with pre-submitted questions and answer more as they come in.

Interviews with members of your team or other people of interest can work great, as can doing a live tour or event. You can also let people see behind the scenes of things that your team is working on. All of these ideas can be used to help people connect and engage with your business via live streaming.

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