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LinkedIn Training Guide – 10 Ways LinkedIn Can Grow Your Business

By MichelleHummel
LinkedIn Training Guide – 10 Ways LinkedIn Can Grow Your Business
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If you want to use LinkedIn to help grow your business, here are ten proven LinkedIn marketing techniques:

1) Brand Ambassadors

If you have employees, encourage them to be active on LinkedIn. Doing so is a simple but effective way to help spread the word about your business.

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2) Increase Visibility

The more you engage on LinkedIn, the more visibility your business will receive. And when you add your employees to this equation, it’s easy to see how quickly the increased visibility can compound.

3) Get Around Gatekeepers

When it comes to opening up new accounts, gatekeepers are often one of the biggest obstacles. Although you may have the perfect product or service to offer a business, the person serving as its gatekeeper may have no interest in letting you in for a meeting. By utilizing LinkedIn, you can avoid that frustration and start connecting directly with people who are responsible for making decisions.

4) Boost Morale

Most professionals enjoy using LinkedIn. So if you have a policy that allows your employees to use this site in reasonable amounts, they’re going to enjoy that experience. In turn, they’re going to be happier and more motivated, which is something that’s very important for your bottom line.

5) Targeted Prospecting

Anyone who’s been in business for awhile knows that one targeted customer is worth much more than ten random people. Because LinkedIn provides great demographic filtering, it can be extremely useful during the process of identifying your most promising prospects. As with all the LinkedIn marketing techniques we’re covering, it shouldn’t take you long to see for yourself just how well this approach can work. Checkout this Infographic of three best practices of LinkedIn lead generation.

6) Create Real Connections

As with the point above, you shouldn’t be focused on the quantity of connections you make through LinkedIn. Instead, your focus should be on quality. By taking the time to really build and nurture connections, you’ll be able to create a lot of great opportunities for yourself and your business.

7) Provide Help

Whether it’s using your expertise to answer a question or doing a favor, a great LinkedIn marketing strategy is to provide help whenever possible. When you position yourself as a valuable resource, good things will come back your way.

8) Tap Into Other Content

Social media marketing isn’t something that should exist in a silo. Instead, all of your efforts across the Internet should work to complement each other. By sharing relevant content on LinkedIn that you may have published elsewhere, you’ll find that you can keep people engaged without feeling overwhelmed by the burden of constantly coming up with new content.

9) Participate in Groups

Groups are an excellent way to tap into conversations that are highly relevant to your business.

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10) Always Deliver Value

Regardless of which LinkedIn marketing techniques you’re using, if you always focus on providing real value, you will start to see results. And if you want to further your social media education, a formal LinkedIn marketing training course if the perfect way to fully maximize your results.


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