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5 Quick And Affordable Ways To Repurpose Existing Content

By Michelle Hummel
5 Quick And Affordable Ways To Repurpose Existing Content
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There are dozens of viable ways to repurpose content, but few of us have the spare time to utilize all of them. Fortunately, once you’ve created a piece of content, you’ve already done a lot of the work required to create additional posts.

Below are 5 techniques to repurpose existing content, that are either quick or available at minimal cost.

1 – Turn Blog Post Collections Into Full Guides

Once you have written a number of posts on a particular topic, you can curate the posts, write an introduction, create a social media image, and create some filler content. Consider adding an additional chapter or two, and you can create a unique and exhaustive guide on that topic.

Guides can be published on your own site, posted on authoritative sites within your industry, or they can be used as a giveaway to attract new leads.

2 – Turn A List Into A Slideshow

List posts, like this one, are very popular. Not only are the titles catchy, but the natural formatting of the text means that the content is easy to digest. From a writer’s point of view, they help to gather your ideas, and writing the list points out first means that you have essentially created a blueprint for your piece.

Take a popular list piece and turn each list item into one or two slides. You could gather a piece of data, a statistic, a headline, or a quote relating to each of the posts, and use these as additional content. Slideshows, or slide decks, can be shared on popular sites like for additional exposure.

If, like me, you’re not entirely confident in creating slides from your written content, scour Fiverr. You can get great deals on top quality work.

3 – Turn A Slideshow Into A Video

Once you have a slideshow, you are only one or two steps away from creating a powerful video.

Videos are extremely popular on social media sites, because they make information easy to digest. If you have a clear speaking voice, narrate the video using content from the slides, and have the slides play as a slideshow in the background.

Fiverr is a great source to find a narrator, and there are also gigs from professionals that specifically offer the service of turning a slideshow into a video.

4 – Turn A Slideshow Into An Infographic

Infographics are another compelling form of social media content. What’s more, there are many industry sites looking for this kind of content, and you can reuse the same infographic repeatedly. Write a unique 300-word summary to accompany each submission, and the links you generate will be even more powerful.

This is a great opportunity to use the little pieces of data that you collected for the video above, and to repurpose these too. It will take a little more work to find a good quality gig, but Fiverr should be your best marketing friend by now.

5 – Turn Your Statistics Into Tweets

The statistics, quotes, or other pieces of data that you gathered, haven’t come to the end of their useful life yet either. Ensure that each piece of data is short enough, and turn them into a Tweet. If you are gifted at creating visual content, add a quote to an image, create charts or graphs using the statistics, or even come up with a webcomic series using each piece of information.

There are many ways to viably use the same pieces of information, and the same pieces of content. Don’t assume that once a statistic has been published on your site, for example, that its useful life has come to an end. It hasn’t. If you want expert help creating the right social media strategy, be sure to take a look at how Web Strategy Plus can help.


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